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Szilvia Tóth – Gáspár Benedek: Virtual Tour of Budapest
Interactive 3D comic strip, 2005

The game offers a series of cityscapes. After choosing an avatar the visitor starts from a point of the town. He can decide whether to follow a storyline, or associated links, to jump to another part of the person's route, or to another person's tale. The story unfolds before our eyes, but the routes have junctions, crossroads and dead ends. The special viewpoints of the characters make us not only an eyewitness to the events but a participant in them. Changing the characters or following links allows us to see different lives running parallel in the same city. The environment resembles a comic strip, but enables the visitor to zoom into the panels to discover parts of the adventure hidden in the frames.
The aim of the project was to reveal the city from this human perspective, where the backdrop for the scenario is Budapest.


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